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Who We Are:

American Indian Artists, Inc. (AMERINDA) is the only independent, multi-arts organization of its kind in the United States serving emerging and established Native American artists. Since its inception in 1987, AMERINDA has been offering a community of encouragement and assistance to Native American artists pursuing professional careers. AMERINDA actively promotes the indigenous perspective in the arts to a broad audience through the creation of new work in contemporary art forms: visual, literary, performing and media.

The AMERINDA ArtMarket highlights a comprehensive selection of distinguished Native American artists, all members of the New York Contemporary Native American Arts Movement, a vital aspect of the New York City contemporary art scene since the early 1940’s that includes large numbers of distinguished Native American artists. This diverse group of painters, sculptors, photographers, and installation artists have interacted with developments in the mainstream art and urban experience of the time while creating a community in which the relationship between art and indigeneity was recognized and nurtured.

Like the city in which it developed, the hallmark of work in these artists is diversity. Rather than present a narrow story of direct influence from one artist to another, this work are grounded in seeing the vibrant richness of New York as a defining context.

We also present the work of distinguished traditional Native artists. These artists are creating material culture with the same techniques and materials they have since time immemorial. These culture bearers have a national profile, participating in prominent Native art markets, guest lecturing at universities and are frequently recipients of fellowships and awards. Grounded in communities, these artists’ work is an authentic link to Native American cultures. The fact that fewer and fewer Native artists are following these practices makes their work even more valuable.

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