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Nadema Agard

Nadema Agard

Nadema Agard Winyan Luta/Red Woman (Cherokee/Lakota/Powhatan), (b.1948), lives and works in New York City. She was educated at New York University and Columbia University, Teacher’s College, where she received a Master of Arts Degree in Art and Education. Her watercolors, pastels acrylic on canvas pieces, incorporate soft sculptural forms and mixed media. Her work as an artist has an individual style and a cosmic subject with a global agenda from an Indigenous perspective. Her work also combines traditional Indigenous sacred feminine iconography and spirituality with traditional Western European media. Part of the New York City contemporary Native art scene for more than 35 years, she has shown her work at the Gallery of the American Indian Community House and has been part of Native artists groups like Riders With No Horse and American Indian Artists, Inc., (AMERINDA). Nadema has shown in over 60 group and solo exhibitions nationally and internationally since 1979. Agard’s pieces are in the collections of Amerindian Circle, Native American Contemporary Art Collection of the University of Wisconsin, American Indian College Fund, Locus Media Gallery, and those of private collectors throughout the world.

Buffalo Skull Universe of the West

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