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A limited edition print will be selected for a single run of a finite number. The exclusivity of this limitation improves the value and collector’s aesthetic for every piece. All numbered prints will be signed and numbered by the artists and, in some cases, include a personal message with the certificate of authenticity. Where the artists may be deceased, the founder of Amerinda Art-Market will sign the certificate. We will make it obvious if there is ever a situation that deviates from the limited edition “print”, such as; limited edition “reproduction”. We will reveal the sequence of prints in the consideration of the first versus last printed. We will also reveal the intentions of an “open run” at the onset, although we do not anticipate there will be.


Amerinda represents a rich and diverse culture of Native American artists who have been instrumental in establishing what has become known as the New York Movement in Contemporary Native Arts. AMERINDA Inc. a non-profit organization has created AMERINDA Art-Market; a fiscally moderate collaboration for the benefit of program and curatorial endeavors promoting elite Native American Artists with which we associate. We seek to create opportunity for Native American artists to reach new and diverse audiences which fosters a culturally relevant framework through curatorial expertise and services to individual artists and their entry-level and established collectors.


Shipping Time:

Shipping time varies by print, item, size, weight, and other aspects of your order. You will receive a tracking number along with your shipment confirmation. You can follow the link within the email to check on the delivery status of your order. Our offices are open Monday through Friday and orders will be shipped out on those days.

Shipping Costs:

You may elect to ship your package either by UPS Ground, UPS 3-Day Select, or UPS Next Day Air. International shipments are sent via USPS. All shipping costs can be estimated during the checkout process and before confirming your order. Please contact us for any other shipping preferences that may not appear on our site page.

Order is shown as “unshipped”:

Email “Artmarket@amerinda.org” to check the status of your order. Include the name used to place the order and the order number assigned in your message.

International shipping:

We ship internationally via the US Postal Service. International orders may be subject to customs duties, which are set by the government of the destination country. These fees will be due upon arrival and are in addition to the cost of artwork and shipping and handling. Custom duties are entirely the responsibility of the purchaser and will not be discounted in your order from us.

International order declaration:

We declare all shipments as artwork at the price of the work being shipped. We cannot mark your shipment as a gift.

Print or item gets damaged during shipping:

If your print or item arrives damaged, please contact us at “Artmarket@amerinda.org.” All claims on the damaged artwork must be made with 48 hours of receiving the package. Please keep in mind that all of our items are limited edition and therefore, we do not guarantee replacement.


Gift certificates can be purchased for yourself or others and are redeemable at any time.

How do I redeem my gift certificate?

Gift certificates are redeemable by typing in the gift certificate code during the “checkout” at the “Payment Method” screen.


We do not accept exchanges (don’t ask), we do not encourage returns or refunds as the limited edition and numbered piece that you receive has most likely already increased in value as the items are sold.

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